Wednesday, August 18, 2010

April, May, June, July ...sorry we got sooooo behind, oh, and August, too!! & not necessarily in that order! :)

Okay Brick, this is for you. Here are some of the pictures we've got for you but didn't have time to get the ones off Ty's camera and our phones yet. When we get back from Powell, we will organize them, and the others, and journal them. But for now this will have to do :)! Love you!

Ty after his wisdom teeth yanking!Mason's Birthday!

Ty and his look alike uncle!

At Uncle Damon's new House.

Dad after the Olinseloss weightloss challenge!

The first bonfire of the summer!

Dad running the Run for Micro 5K (the house behind him is my old house growing up in Rexburg) Mason and Dad at the finish line! So proud of them both!

Mason made this lego missionary for you, complete with investigator accepting a B.O.M.
First cookout again!
Mason kept forgetting about Jazz band tryouts, so I posted a reminder on my visor and stuck it on his head!

Fun out fishing!
Fishing Battle wound! Ty slipped on a rock and went down pretty hard on the waterfall.

Some early summer picks in our backyard.

Hiking at Box Canyon.

Dad rescuing Missy (he had walked out to that rock on the fallen log, and she tried to swim to the rock and was having difficulty in the current, so he had to go in after her!
Cutie pie, dogs!

Idaho's version of the Redwoods!

The sky during a brush fire out by Arco, area. So cool!

Ty and Mase spending some quality time together!

Missy looking sad while watching Ty pack for his mission!

Ty having a hard time staying on task!
"You can't make me organize my room" :)

Some of the Amazing Nasa pics of Outer Space at the Idaho Falls Visitors Center. Truly mind blowing!

A couple days before Ty left on his mission!x This was actually in August. oops!

The big Drop Off at the MTC!

The Mission Training Center: Where boys learn to be men.

Hundreds of Missionaries line the sidewalks waiting to greet hundreds more, just coming in! Wow, so different than when we took Brick there. You are literally in and out within 5 min!

One last hug for dad! (Mom got one too, just not in front of the camera-she was glad about that :) )

Another handshake and off he goes!
Bye Ty! You'll make a great missionary! (and then we had a little cry session!)