Tuesday, May 4, 2010

March 2010

Anxiously awaiting a fun day out in nature!
Dad & Mason ready for some fun exercise.
Taking a lunch break.
Missy wants some snacks too.

Just when we were about to turn back, we decided to see if that sound was a river that we knew was somewhere close by, or just the wind in the trees. We went a little ways further and came across Box Canyon! Soooooo beautiful! We can't wait to go back this summer and explore it more!

What beautiful country we live in!
Nikki thought the moss on the trees was cool too! What a fun day!

Below: The Annual Harshbarger coasting party!
Uncle Brent (Nikki's uncle) rounding up the horses and sleigh! Thanks Uncle Brent for a great day!
Eric ready for some fun! So cute!
Nephew's Jensen and Maverik! s
Jake pushing his son Maverick.
Mason taking a break!
Eric ready for the roast of the double dogs.
Some of the clan!
Nikki's sisters Tricia and Kami
Ty guy taking a break.
Ty was asked out to the annual Glenn Miller Night by Elly Ricks.

Ty was excited to be home over spring break and got a lot done with getting his mission papers ready to send off!

YAY!!!!! More Pic's from Brick!!!!
A suit of armor.
Huge angel statue!
A street in Chihuahua!
A bull fighting arena
He can't where this BYU Tie we sent him, so he uses it for a rally towell to cheer for the Cougs when dad tells them about the games! :) Go Cougs!
He named this one: "O Chihuahua"
A park in Chihuahua
A Mexican mailbox.

He can't wait to not be the "Money Man" any more! (Being the finance secretary in the Mission Office)

Well, that's all for March, stay tuned for April and May~ coming soon.