Sunday, October 10, 2010

A few more August and Sept. pics...

Ty's MTC District
At the MTC- where boys learn to be men.... or Jedi?

Ty with Elder Rendon and Elder Miller in front of the Provo Temple

Angel Moroni on top of the mountain

"Okay this is a stick up. Keep your hands up and nobody gets hurt!"

Ty was so excited to enter the real field on Aug. 30th. Here looking over the beautiful Puget Sound. His first area was Silverdale, WA.
Ty with his trainer Elder Ferris and their new convert James David Liehbherr, Jr!

Tracting through the swampiness!

A cool barn they came across while tracting, he thought Mom would like it. He was right. Sorry these two pics are sideways, but I don't know how to change them now and it takes too long to redo it! Sorry!
The "Tacoma Narrows" bridge!

Ty and Elder Ferris in the "Jungle"

I can't imagine moss growing in the middle of the street, but that's rainy Washington for ya!

Monday, October 4, 2010

The rest of August and September, where did it go I can't remember?

Okay, so I was laying in bed last night trying to figure out why I didn't have any pictures for August and most of September and thought to myself "I have no recollection of that event, Senator" It's a family joke that we say, (quoting one of our last U.S. Presidents,) when we can't recall something!- I seriously had to really think to figure out what happened to those two months- So I went to the old computer and checked on our old camera files and lo and behold, I didn't have any new ones, but realized I had already put some of August on the last post (primarily those of Tyler getting ready to leave, etc.) I guess maybe I was blocking out part of my August memories, at least the tender part-him leaving, and had forgotten that was, actually, in August, yeah, did someone, somewhere, say something like "life's not passing me by, it's running me over!" :) and then there's September, what the heck, where did that go? Like I said- "running me over! but anyway, back to updating the ol' blog!

Pic's from Elder Brick! Yay!

On a hike on pday!
He named this one "give said the little stream"

Brick with Elder Pineda. (We only get a few pics at a time)

Here are some of the hundreds of pictures we took at Lake Powell- we're pretty convinced it's one of this planets coolest places!

Back in the little cove where we tied off the house boat.
Derek's house boat in our beautiful camp spot.

My uncle Dee who came with us! I think he had a blast too! Below and the next 6 pics are of 50 mile Creek canyon. A beautiful narrow gorge that goes back forever it seems like . So cool to explore!- One of my favorite things to do there!

Yep, just when you think it can't possible keep going, it does!

The towering red walls makes the water appear an intensely beautiful green!
Enjoying the sights!

Yes, it's really that green! This is where we finally turned around in 50 mile canyon, you can kind of see tree branches sticking up in the way there, so we didn't dare go further, but I would have loved to take a jet sky or kayak and see how far the canyon actually does go back. Totally amazing!

Can you see the jet flying way up there in the deep blue sky?

Mason looks a little wooped from a day of skiing, boarding and surfing!

Nikki (not quite) tearing it up on the wake board!
Grandpa Brent out for a ride.

Whoa! Don't blind yourself with those white legs!
Grandpa Brent telling a story.
Uncle Jake showing us really how to surf!

One of the days, we decided to hike Hole in the Rock, where some of the Mormon Pioneers came down through. Truly amazing what those brave men and women did!
Some of the cool rocks (probably petrified tree roots?) and vegetation on the trail.

Nikki ran into Sarah, a girl she taught in Young Womens when they lived in Springville. What are the odds of that?
Not even half way up!
Look how high we are up! That boat looks tiny!

Cool cousin hang out!

Up on top-

Mason doing the double twist!
Dad on his way down from a crazy flip into the water!

a beautiful cloud formation. To me it looks like angels dancing. (I'm not sure why this is all being underlined now!- the trials of being technologically challenged!)

Mom and Mason
Dad and Mason out tearin' up the water!

Mas and his cousins' sand castle.
Mason's first day of High School! -Yep, mom cried!

Abby being motherly.a
Mason sure loves his doggies!