Sunday, February 28, 2010

February 2010

Well, the short month of February has come and gone in a flash! How fast the times goes when the month is missing a few days.

With the big Valentines day on the calender once again, I (Eric) somehow summoned from the deep recesses of my being, a little bit of romance, (which is a tall task to pull out of the deep Andreasen Viking gene pool) to put together a video walk down memory lane as part of my Valentines gift for Nikki.

Tyler also had a long weekend over Valentines day/President's Day holiday and decided to come home to visit! We wish we could say it was to see us, but it was probably because of our annual Valentines day feast (Lobster, Crab legs, Steak and all that good stuff). Just kidding Ty guy, we know you love us..... but we also know the food was a bonus! :)

Here's what some of the full spread looked like! Yummy!!!!!

Eric Pounding down some crab legs!

What a delicious pile of crab legs! Good thing you have to burn some calories breaking into them or we all might have had a cardiac arrest from all the food!

This was actually the calm before the eating storm!

Nikki also undertook another one of her amazingly awesome and unbelievable thrifty wonder crafty transformation projects this past month. When she came in with this old chair she'd bought at the D.I., we all scratched our heads and wondered what she had in mind, but decided to just get out of the way and let her work her magic!

Nikki's ability to take something like this and see the hidden beauty and potential within it, has always amazed me, and I believe it to be a truly Christlike quality in her personality; for the Savior surely sees the hidden potential and beauty within all of us, even when we feel worn down and cast aside by life at times. Sometimes He has to tear us down to the roots and refurbish what lies within us.

And it is within the power of his atonement that we can be transformed into something wonderful and useful once again.

She is also building a matching ottoman to go with it, so stay tuned for pictures of that next month. Along with some pictures of Nikki's birthday and other fun and exciting adventures on Andreasen Lane!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Pictures from Brick!!!

Brick, Elder Alcazar and one of their newest converts, Francisco.

Brick with his latest companiero, Elder Bravo.

At a park(???) eating a sack lunch a sister prepared for them.

A Chihuahua sunset.

Brick cherishing the stocking we sent him. (we made it out of an old church shirt and tie sewn into the shape of a stocking)

Goofin' around a bit!
Some poor little baby chicks. He said they sell them spray painted like that. Weird!

Brick and Elder Alcazar with the Beto family. (he said the daughter with her face painted had just come from a party or something)

One of Brick's companions, Elder Alcazar and a view of Chihuahua.