Monday, February 8, 2010

Pictures from Brick!!!

Brick, Elder Alcazar and one of their newest converts, Francisco.

Brick with his latest companiero, Elder Bravo.

At a park(???) eating a sack lunch a sister prepared for them.

A Chihuahua sunset.

Brick cherishing the stocking we sent him. (we made it out of an old church shirt and tie sewn into the shape of a stocking)

Goofin' around a bit!
Some poor little baby chicks. He said they sell them spray painted like that. Weird!

Brick and Elder Alcazar with the Beto family. (he said the daughter with her face painted had just come from a party or something)

One of Brick's companions, Elder Alcazar and a view of Chihuahua.

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  1. wow, he looks great..slim and tan and happy!!Guess it is too hot to have grass in the park there. love it, thanks for the pics.