Sunday, January 31, 2010

January 2010

Missy keeping her New Years resolution to get more beauty rest. (She's almost camouflaged under that blanket) She's so stinkin' cute.
We've had some incredibly beautiful frostly, clear mornings.

The holiday's are through, the party's over, now the real fun begins: Nikki had nasal surgery Jan. 7th and that was just as much fun as they say it is! (sorry no actual pictures taken as Eric thought Nikki might kill him if he did!) But this young girl pretty much sums up how she felt!

Tyler went back to school on the 8th, back to the grind! and mom cried. It didn't help that she was throwing up all day too!

Well, needless to say, we're all glad that's over!!! Now she is actually starting to breath through her nose for the first time in years (or perhaps her entire life), which leads Eric to think he may have to start bathing more often and that he wont be able to get away with passing gas without getting caught.
O.K., by now you probably know this summary is being written by Eric as Nikki would never post such pics on the blog, but since we didn't use the camera much, we had to be creative somehow right?

Mason and Eric have been working out at the local gym quite regulary (3-4 times a week), which has not only helped shed a little flab, but is giving them some good male, testosterone bonding time as well. They are not quite there yet, but have hopes of looking like these guys by the time they go to Lake Powell for vacation this year!

The only other exciting thing that happened, was on Tyler's first day of class back at ISU, he was running across campus and in trying to cut some time off his travels, jumped over a 3 foot cement wall. While landing on the other side, both the straps on his new backpack ripped off, dumping his pack to the ground with yes, his laptop inside!!!

Well, it wasn't actually as bad as this picture, but it pretty much trashed it and so Dad had to spring for a new one, so that he could actually get his schoolwork done.

To try and recuperate, we all took a trip to Lava Hot Springs one day to soak in the wonderful mineral hot springs, and even took a trip up to Green Canyon with Eric's brother Carl and his family.

Tyler's computer and Nikki's surgery just go to show that sometimes, the type of excitement we get isn't the kind of excitement we're looking for! Hopefully, in that regards, February will be a fairly boring month for us! We hope you are all having a great New Year!


  1. Wow what a way to start off the new year. If the rest of the year is filled with this much excitement you guys are going to be absolutely worn out by the end of it. I know I'm worn out from just reading it!!! But I look forward to reading your blog and keeping up with the Andreasons. Have a great February!