Sunday, November 28, 2010

Monday, November 1, 2010


October, wow, what a wild and crazy month!
Eric is so sweet and sent me roses, just because, and they were stunning for over a week!

Some of the flowers I did for a wedding this month. She had a peacock theme, hence the feathers mixed in-They were kind of a pain to work with, but I love how they turned out. The bracelets were an especially big hit with the bridesmaids! These pic's turned out better than the brides bouquet pics, but I'm hoping to get some from the wedding photographer they had. Click pic's to see closer up.

Mason was a good sport about being my model! Okay, these are really bad pics! :( Can't wait to get some better ones!

Some of my favorite things I made for the Copper Daisy Craft boutique this fall.

...and here it is... the moment we've all been waiting for..... Halloween 2010! This years theme was "your favorite childhood toy or character".
Grandma and Grandpa came as Tex and "My Grandpa Doll"- she must have gotten the doll from her grandpa.
Damon and Shawna's family came as Inspector Gadget, Style me Pretty Barbie, Lego storm trooper, Karate Kid and Bumble bee! Fab costumes!! You guys looked great!!!!!

Dirk and Jody's family came as Race Bannon,Mrs. Brady(because she thought she was cool because she had a nanny, a cook and a housekeeper- We all thought that was hillarious!)a fairy, a nerd, Paul Bunnion, and whisper? - I think. Awesome!

Eric came as G.I. Joe, I came as little red riding hood, and Mason came as Strongbad!

Carl and Jingers family came as G.I. Joe(someone's the imposter...hmmm), Pippy Longstockings, Spiderman and a Football hero! You're awesome!! I am having a horrible time getting these pics to upload, keeps giving me an error after 15 min. or loading! Grrrr.. So that's all you get for now, but Damon and Shawna (thanks you guys!) had lots of fun games for us to play and of course there was lots of good food!

Yay!!!! Pic's from Brick~~~
Going across " the bridge of doom" over Copper Canyon. Yikes!~ Mom is grateful for guardian angels!
Elder Brick, "standing on the edge of infinity" He looks great!
Copper Canyon, Mexico's version of the Grand Canyon.

Elder Hernandez, Brick's last companion in San Juanito.

The balcony overlooking the canyon.

Pumpkin carving fun!
Mason's pumpkin: looks like a space dude with sunglasses!
Mom's happy face and Dad's "Y" shining on.

Cowboy Mason putting an end to Halloween for good!

....and that is the End of October!

Skydiving with Grandma on her 70th!

Signing away our right to sue them if we die! (I was having a hard time controlling my pen in my shaking fingers :) )

My Tandem guy- Farris from Iraq!
On the plane with Grandma, Jake, Kami, Derek, Michelle, their tandem guys and our camera guys! 12,000 ft up!
The leap!! I can't even begin to explain the feeling, it's totally awesome though and so much going through your head! and it goes so fast, it's like you wonder when it's all over..."did I really do that?"
I guess I wasn't quite prepared for the amount of air pressure on your face when you're falling at 120 mi./hr.!!!
There goes the shute!
Check out the look on my face! :) Click on pic for close up.

Grandma had a blast and is now enjoying cake after the jump!

She's here with Grandpa and some of their friends who came to cheer her on and celebrate her big day!
My camera guy, Kai
The Jensen family after the big dive! Wow! Such a blast! Thanks for hooking us all up Jake! You rock!